Understanding Dementia; How Music Heals...

Book with CD:

Alzheimer's, Dementia and the Healing Power of Music

Author, Cheryl Hodge, leads caregivers, relatives and friends through a series of exercises that will help reconnect with those afflicted with dementia related diseases, through a series of exercises, songs, and a log book. $29.95 for book with companion CD (add $7.00 for mailing). Also available as an ebook with mp3s for $9.95.

"Soothed Body/Calm Spirit" is a multi-purpose healing and spiritual album.  It is a great one to fall asleep to for dementia patients; however it's original intent has been to be useful as a background track in massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, reiki, etc.  It is an hour long healing session. You can purchase this at: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/cherylhodgestevedeconti

VOICE Book with companion CD

A Singer's Guide to the Well-Trained & Powerful Voice

General Vocal Instruction from a former Berklee College of Music Instructor (NOT a book about Dementia).  This is for everyone who just wants to know more about a way of singing that doubles as a form of vocal therapy.  it can be applied to all styles of singing. $29.95 for book with companion CD (add $7.00 for mailing). Also available in .pdf format with mp3s for $9.95.